English Shepadoodle's

English Shepadoodle's are a cross between an English Sheepdog and a Standard Poodle.

Both parent breeds are known for their intelligence, eagerness to learn with calm, and loyal demeanors.

This cross bred dog makes excellent family pets, service, and ESA animals.

English Shepadoodles are extremely smart, cheerful, gentle, friendly, and kind, making this breed a perfect choice for most any home.

Their coats may be wavy to curly and low shedding making them hypoallergenic when compared to many other breeds.

Our dogs visit the vet regularly and our puppies have been veterinarian certified as healthy.

They have been wormed and are up to date on all vaccinations.

Mature size 50-80 pounds

Life expectancy 12-15 years


A $200.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve the puppy of your choice.

Welcoming Hopes February 11, 2021 litter ! seven boys, four girls!

To schedule a time to pick your puppy call: 574-835-6072

or email; joannkmiller@gmail.com

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Black Collar Boy

Blue Collar Boy

Blue Collar Designs Boy

Blue Collar Numbers Boy

Brown Collar Boy

Grey Collar Boy

Red Collar Boy

Blue Collar Girl

Green Collar Girl

Purple Collar Girl

Red Collar Girl

About the Parents

Sir Mason is a pure bred AKC registered standard poodle. He is fun, loving, gentle and intelligent and still donning his winter coat!

Miss Hope is a pure bred ESC registered English Shepherd. A true blessing to own, loving, loyal, intelligent, friendly and always a very happy dog.

She is great with children and other animals and helps our children on our farm by assisting herding sheep and goats to their pens!

Her quiet loving demeanor has made her a wonderful asset to our home and farm.

Puppies from this cross are not yet eligible to be registered with the AKC, but they can be registered with the CKC.