Pastured, free range and GMO free grain supplemented chickens produce the best tasting meat! Our chickens are in large movable pens and are moved daily to provide them with fresh green pasture in a secured and safe pen away from predators.

Cornish Cross - Processed

Whole - $3.00 per pound

Wings – 4 per pack $4.00

Dark meat combo – ( leg and thigh 2 each per pack )$5.50

Breast-$9.00 per pound

Fresh Chicken Eggs -

Brown, White or mixed $3.00 Dozen

Chicken - Hatching Eggs – N/A

Chicks ( straight run - unsexed ) – N/A

Adult Hen N/A 2020

Adult Cock N/A 2020

We also sell live animals-Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Turkey, Chicken & Guinea Fowl, hatching eggs and chicks.

Please note, all prices subject to change without notice. Items may also be unavailable, out of season or suffer shortages due to unforeseen circumstance.